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Push to the End

As we approach the holidays, the business of the semester begins to look a lot more similar to what it did back in August. It is a time of planning, executing, and celebrating events as we close in on the end of the semester. With our last service of the year fast approaching on December 8th, we have a lot to get through. Here is everything we had going on in November. November started with a bit of a personal and fun weekend trip. One of my hobbies that I have had for a while is a very nerdy tabletop game called Warhammer. Warhammer is a science fiction game where you and your opponent field armies based on a set of guidelines, and then compete for 2-3 hours to see who will come out victorious. It is a lot more complicated than that, but that is the gist of it. I went to a short tournament with a bunch of the alumni of our ministry who are also big fans of the game, and that was a super fun experience! On Friday and Saturday I got to live the nerdy pastor dream of a schedule that cons

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