As the '22-'23 school year comes to an end, I am entering in to a time of reflecting. This year has been a huge success for us as a ministry! Every day we get further from the pandemic, it feels like more life is returning to the campus. This year, our numbers at our Friday Night Fellowship services have been recovering and getting back to close to what they were before the pandemic. Our small group attendance went way up this year as well! All in all, it has been such a joy to see our campus continue to bounce back, and I pray that this momentum continues into the next few years as I continue my work here at UTD! 

In April, we were on the wrap up grind starting from day 1. On April 2nd, we had our Spring Semester Pizza Theology, where we chose to do a deep dive into the wisdom literature. Our focus was mostly in Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job. Members of our staff from different campuses each took us through these books and helped equip our students with the right questions and cultural contexts to really understand how to not only read the wisdom, but also to write it on their heart. In that vein, it never ceases to amaze me how many students are willing to give up their Sunday evening to learn about the bible. The eating pizza is very normal, but wanting 4 hours of lecture to know God and his word better is such a cool sign! 

The next week, we had our Rez Fair! Rez Fair is a multi-ministry celebration of Christ's resurrection, that is visible on our campus. This was our third one we put on, and these just get better with time and experience. We had 6 ministries and 3 churches help us make this event happen, and we had so much interaction with people on campus! We had music on the hour and between that were playing songs about our Lord! I can't talk this event up enough! The fact that we not only get to celebrate our Lord, but also have visible unity on our campus with the other ministries is so huge! 

Picture of some of our crowd at Pizza Theology

Students from International Christian Fellowship worshipping at Rez Fair

More Rez Fair music

The Rez Fair setup

Most of the guys who have been in my small group this year. It was such an awesome year and I am really proud of how close these guys grew together!

Our annual Parking lot graduation. The graduates get to walk down the aisle and get cheered on by their friends and family

That pretty much brings us to the end of the school year. There is still one week left to write about next month, but this month really feels like the end. Thank you all so much for your support through this school year. I am so encouraged and blessed to be doing the work here at UTD on y'all's behalf. Thank you so much for being my partner in helping God work at UTD. 



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