Into the Summer

 We made it into the summer, and things have been surprisingly busy so far! Rest is coming soon, but we have been preparing the way for our students a lot so far this June, so I am terribly sorry for the late blog! Here we are to talk about May though, and the end of the 22-23 school year. 

My core wrapped up on May 3rd, and it was an awesome final meeting! Our guys had a potluck, we worked on a core poster for the End of Year Party, and we shared encouragement for each other! It was seriously such a great way to finish well, and even since them I have heard from a few of the guys that they really loved it! This year was seriously so fun, and the 10 guys that joined me in this small group have been great friends to me this year. We had nobody in this group who is leaving school, so it is very exciting to look forward to seeing everyone next school year, and get plenty more opportunities to invest in each other! Below is our Core Poster that we made, we called ourselves the Seltzer Soldiers because for some reason, we were all sparkling water guys this year.

(Keep in mind we chose our verse as a bit of a joke)

Days after making that work of art, it was time for the End of Year Party! We Shared a time of fellowship, a time of honoring those who have served our community, and a dance party. It was such a fun party for ending the year, and it was awesome to see our students take time to participate in honoring those who have loved them well, students and staff. I was in charge of making the video for our departing staff, and as sad as it was for our students, this was seriously such a sad video for those of us on the team. This was our last event with Rhett, which to many of us that have been on campus at UTD for a long time, that was very sad. Rhett came to UTD in the Fall of 2013, and other than one year apprenticing in Denton, he has been there serving, loving, and leading our students. It is a huge loss to our team to have him go, and as much fun as this party was, it was very sad to have him go! 

(The crowd watching the honoring section)

(Our 2022-23 Men's team at UTD, Rhett is on the end laughing)

(The first picture Rhett and I took on staff together back in the Fall of 2019)

Before May ended, we did get to start our Summer FOCUS meetings over at Care Church. Attendance has been up and down so far this summer, but it has been so encouraging watching everyone come together in unity and worship the Lord with students from other campuses! 

Thank you all so much for your support of the UTD ministry this year! I am working on fundraising for the next school year, so please be praying for me in this process! I am so grateful for you all and thank God for y'all constantly! Here is the student testimony for this month, I will talk to y'all in a couple of weeks! 


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