Summer 2023 Pt. 1

 Hey everyone, for this summer, I am breaking up events into two parts, rather than the normal two months. I was in Colorado for 10 days (which was a much needed spiritual and energy reset) at the start of July, so this blog will cover June and the first couple of days in July, and then the next Blog will cover the events of July 15-August 12th. So lets talk Summer! 

As with most years, work slows down a lot in terms of ministry to students, as most of our ministry lives outside of DFW during the summer. We are still running our Thursday services for the students who are in town, which I am taking one of the leading roles in Audio/Visual work on, but the one on one ministry that makes up most of my work during the school year has dwindled down to 3-5 meetings a week. Most of that time has been replaced with fundraising, which praise God, and thank you all, has been going very well this year! As of writing this, I am 90% fundraised, which is to my maximum, and luckily well past the staff minimum. So thank you all for making that possible. 

One thing aside from work that is of note, is that my youngest brother was baptized! Praise God for that! My brother Travis is going to be a senior in high school this year, and is planning to come to UTD in the Fall of 2024 to study Actuarial Science. I am really excited for him, it will be cool to have him join our ministry here. 

(Travis Getting ready for his baptism!)


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